London based singer Fifi Rong’s latest music video ‘Only Man’ video is somewhat reminiscent of the Bridgerton era. ‘Only Man’ will feature on Fifi’s highly anticipated solo album  There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved.  The ‘Only Man’ single talks about the point of staying in denial of unrequited love, as you are not sure how to discard those feelings of being completely smitten with somebody that does not want you. Her previous release ‘Another Me’, a positive message about self-respect compared to this track, is emotionally contrasting and multi-faceted genre notes. Fifi’s dynamic and noteworthy range saw her being featured on the launch of  Yi Jing 意境 Live Music Series (showcases emerging artists,musicians & filmmakers).

Stream/download: ‘Only Man’

Fifi Shares her thoughts on the new video,‘Only Man’ was filmed in Berlin by Zee Marla Osh, Video Siren. It was one of the most spontaneous videos we have done. Zee saw the sunset being very intoxicating that evening when we arrived at the location and just went for it. I’m especially impressed with her editing as it’s very experimental, bold, mixing retro and modern styles into something of her own. She also took note of every subtle detail of my music production and reflected in the visual editing, especially on the tape fx sections of the songs!”

Fifi is known as an avant-pop artist that has collaborated with big names in the electronic music sphere, working with Tricky, Yello, Phaeleh,  Emika. Her vocals and presence are hard to resist;  angelic echos paired together with lingering notes is hard not to be drawn to – a divine mix of alluring talent.  

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