Image credit: Josh Collins

Sharing raw emotion with his music, singer and musician Milo Gore’s latest music video release ‘Midnight Club’ is a rare taster of his upcoming EP As you hear me now, you listen to my past. The single ‘Midnight Club’ is set for official release on the 16th of April. 

While we wait in anticipation for the EP release, you can come up with your own interpretation of this latest indie-rock banger that features Milo Gore. The video captures the singer wandering through the dark & isolated cityscapes comfortably, yet the energy feels eerie with Milo’s vacant facial expressions, and confused gaze. Vocal about his struggle with mental health, this video release feels like a build-on from Milo’s previous album releases themes that deal with downward spirals  & redemption. 

Milo Gore is an open book, the songwriter continues to share his life experiences through his artistry. This use of expressing his struggles through his art, is essentially what artists should be doing with their work – finding cathartic relief.

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