Image credit: UAManajamma MGMT

At the young age of 15, contemporary R&B / Pop artist Justel has already become an artist highly praised by her fellow peers

With music being her whole life’s purpose, Justel started performing as early as 8 years old, developing her sound, song-writing skills and vocals as she grew. Despite being so young, she draws inspiration from timeless artists such as Whitney Houston, Prince, right through to Stevie Wonder, H.E.R & Lauryn Hill

Justel’s talent goes beyond vocals; as a multi-instrumentalist, with her prime instrument being the piano she is a gifted singer, songwriter creating music that resonates with her own life experiences. 

Though still young in age, Justel has made it clear she is not one to fit in, she is standing out for all the right reasons. Her ethos is individuality and authenticity. In the midst of so much social media pressure for young people her natural vibe is here to challenge these ideals and bring a breath of fresh air to an industry and generation fixated on materialism and unrealistic beauty standards. 

Having been praised by the likes of current musical heavy weights such as H.E.R, PJ Morton and Tiana Major9, Justel’s soulful sound can capture listeners instantaneously. Whilst her music embodies a contemporary sound, her voice carries a classic neo soul feel, reminiscent of some of the greats from past musical eras. 

Justel has been hard at work for the last couple of years in the studio, crafting some incredible music and she is finally ready to present it to the world. 

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