Image credit: Marie Ronniger

The upbeat electro-pop track is the 2nd release of 2021 from Canadian pop artist Elena. A devoted lover covering her tracks, an escape to Mississippi, and a confession that “I’ve always liked people like us in the movies” sets the tone for a free-feeling chorus.

The energetic soaring chorus compares Elena’s story to Bonnie & Clyde, “but”, she adds, “Bonnie don’t have a man like mine”. The song started as a metaphor for getting rid of old version of ourselves, creating new identities, and finding partners who would support those changes and evolve with us. Elena wrote the song during the first lockdown in 2019 in her apartment in New York City.

A whimsical background of growing up home-schooled on a cattle farm in Canada, attending Berklee College of Music, and hustling in New York City while writing her first EP, has led Elena to settle in London while she releases her newest single “Bonnie & Clyde”.

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