Hailing from Whitby but now residing in Margate, Conrad Deadly is seasoned artist and musician. Having cut his teeth in bands and playing solo shows all across the globe, he’s now ready to make his mark in the motherland. Conrad also happens to be an internationally acclaimed model, but that’s a whole different story… ⁠

⁠With his musical roots firmly embedded in punk, Britpop and folk, these fusion together with a warm and fuzzy yet rapturous balance, enabling the strong underlying messages of rebellion and hope to echo through. ⁠Conrad combines these musical messages with abstract drawings to accompany his lyrics, to strive for positivity and making a difference, not only to people, but in the world for the better, especially in such uncertain times. ⁠

⁠Last summer saw Conrad make his international festival debut with an appearance at Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria and Nakkefestival, Denmark. Having had samples of his music used in fashion films in Asia, Conrad has successfully built an extensive following in South Korea, which has lead to a number of well received shows.⁠

His third single ‘Apple Tree’ was released last September. ‘Apple Tree’ is a slightly more stripped back single compared to the last two, but it still leaves as much of a lasting impact on the listener. An acoustic guitar is paired with a subtle piano melody dancing throughout the background for most of the track, occasionally added to by an echoing guitar line. Conrad’s delicate, softly spoken vocals talk of a desire for the liberty to love whoever you please. 

Conrad is also an internationally acclaimed model, working with brands such as Ben Sherman, Pretty Green, Emporio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and many more.

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