Image credit: Huy Doan

Join us as we explore music with a social cause on Y-Balloon’s latest pop-tinged release, ‘Messenger ft. Molly DeWolf’. The collaboration between the two artists is a powerful one, as Y-Balloon (aka Mark Daiss) is a classically trained producer with a passion for highlighting social injustices while Molly DeWolf is an American entrepreneur, musician and Emmy-winning film producer.

In his own words, Y-Balloon is a “mindful technologist” who is concerned with the growing obsession and abuse of technology and the harmful outcomes it can create. The producer has started distancing himself from social media as well, with the last post on Facebook being back in October 2020 and no mention of his latest release. 

The underground gem can be found below. While it’s been a little slow to catch the public’s attention, we think the important message it carries will win through in the end. Y-Balloon tells us: ‘Messenger’ is a reflection on the unwanted messenger that comes roaring into our midst as we use social media. There are messages on social media that we experience under no other medium that tears us down, and this track is a reflection of those moments.”

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