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Bold and evocative lyrics are beaming from singer-songwriter Eulene’s diverse self-titled EP via GoGoLove Records. We are ever so grateful to hear pop music that talks about other interesting concepts and situations that do not revolve around sexual commercialism. 

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Eulene has spent her time, crafting and blooming with an EP that defies labels and instead charms the listener with its entrancing pace & multi-faceted lyrics.  Earlier this year, the songstress made her loyal fan base shed many tears with a heartfelt dedication to her late father with the single  ‘Heartbreak Hostage’

In her recent interview with Hertz Magazine , the songstress was asked how the pandemic impacted her career, where she responded, “This pandemic period has been both a time of planting seeds of new things coming and a time of putting out new songs and watching them blossom. It has been a busy time for my creative energy.”

Eulene exudes talent she is not trying to replicate, instead, she shines in her own much-deserved light. A dynamite act that is sure to blow up one day – in the best possible sense. 

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