With his highly-anticipated new EP ‘Ambitions’ set to arrive on the 6th November through Icons Creating Evil Art, Swedish musical troubadour David Alexander aka Summer Heart has now returned to release the latest offering from his new collection, ‘Black Jeans’.

Written and recorded in a small room in Hollywood with almost no equipment, which is reflected in the production, and continuing the warm and captivating vibe that runs the length of his latest EP, ‘Black Jeans’ makes for a wonderfully bright and textured addition to his growing catalogue. Creating a rich and diverse aesthetic throughout this new dream-pop delight, he looks to serenade us with his woozy vocals and euphoric energy throughout.

Speaking about the new release, he said, “Black Jeans is about not being able to let go of someone even when it’s clear that person is just using you. It’s a song about trying to stand up for who you are and what you believe in, but time after time falling back into bad habits, friendships, and relationships.”

Having been performing independently for over eight years, Summer Heart is now signed to the renowned Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. With an already impressive roster under their belts, the imprint is set to become a welcome home to the frontman’s breezy and lovable direction. Much like his work to date, his latest collection looks to take influence and inspiration from his everyday life, which has always given him an extremely down-to-earth and relatable style of writing. Filled with his bright and euphoric aesthetic, each track looks to tell the story of the man behind the name, giving us a more humbled and intimate feel to his direction.

Summer Heart’s new EP ‘Ambitions’ will be available to stream and download from 6th November 2020 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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