My Heart is the debut release of South London’s songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Valeria Pozzo. The track was written, recorded and produced by Valeria during lockdown, at her home in London. This mellow, introspective ballad is a song about self-love; it’s about digging deeper and finding clarity by spending time alone. Valeria explains: “I was very inspired when I wrote ‘My Heart’ – it poured out of me so quickly. As weird and lonely as this time has been, it’s also helped me see things more lucidly. For me, it was an opportunity to move away from the hectic pace of city life and to be more in touch with myself”. 

Impressively, Valeria played all the instruments featured in the track including guitars, charango, bandora andina, violin, viola, bass synth and electric bass. The wide array of instruments, layered harmonies and strings (inspired by artists like David Crosby, Becca Stevens, Joni Mitchell) accompany Valeria’s soothing voice to add a warm and comforting quality to this pop-folk song.

My Heart’s music video (out on 24th Sept ’20) was shot socially distanced, at Valeria’s home in London. “With this video, I wanted to convey the message of the song and to capture the intimate and reflective quality of the music. I wanted it to be simple, but emotionally charged”, explains Valeria. The video mirrors what lockdown was for her and the writing process of ‘My Heart’. “Lockdown was a lonely time. I found comfort mostly by playing the different instruments I’m lucky to have in this house and by getting lost in the creative process” says Valeria.  

Over the years, Valeria’s boundless musical curiosity led her to perform with artists spanning a spectrum of styles such as Jazz Jamaica All Stars, ESKA, Neil Cowley, Antonio Forcione, Robert Mitchell, Rhys Lewis and the NU Civilisation Orchestra. Valeria has performed at some of the most prestigious halls and venues in Italy and the UK and has sung at world renowned Abbey Road Studio, where she recorded a cover of George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’ for Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Valeria’s classical background along with her extensive collaborations with these artists seem to perfectly collide and synthesise in her own work. Valeria’s music is not easily pinned down, but rather hovers around pop/folk, indie and jazz. Much of Valeria’s writing is directly inspired by her own personal experience, with themes of family, relationships, and distance explored with a deft touch and a heartrending wisdom. 

Valeria Pozzo is currently working on her forthcoming EP, which will be recorded in London in the next few months.

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