Wax Tailor and Rapper D Smoke released their official lockdown music video for their single ‘Keep It Movin’ by director and motion designer Hugo DauffyFour Four adds their thoughts on the music video, “The video is a visually captivating masterpiece, with the striking use of greyscale filters and red as the focus color in the video.”

A team member shares; “We had to deal with the lockdown and no opportunity to organize a usual shooting. So, instead of postponing, Wax Tailor, D Smoke & Hugo Dauffy (the Director) took the challenge and bypast the obstacle. They transformed it into a creative video with a homemade vibe. It was also a way to illustrate the topic to “Keep It movin” no matter the circumstances, by any means necessary and by any technology. The team worked internationally, shooting in L.A, Paris and London for a final music video that combines innovative stop motion and 3D animation techniques.”

Produced in this quarantine period, the song is was intended to be a feel-good song to keep spirits high in times of adversity. The use of red contrasted against the monochrome backdrop creates a loud atmosphere with its protesting lyrics and imagery.



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