Image: Adrian Villagomez

DJ Fonkynson has officially released his new dynamic album titled Falling. The master engineering is credited to Mathieu Bameulle (Bob Sinclar, Kavinsky, Sebastien Tellier). Fonkynson sits just under 3.5 million streams on major platforms and has performed with world-acclaimed acts including The Magician and Birdy Nam Nam.

Blog Sound Labyrinth add their thoughts on the album, “Fonkynson compliments the artists’ vocals with his electronic stylings that tailors around forming harmony with the vocal notes. The resulting sound remains true to Fonkynson with its deep house and bass house elements but also delivers a refined individualistic tone to each song.”

Fonkynson talks about the new album, “”Falling” is an album where I took time and perspective about my music. It reflects what I have been through the past years, musically and personally. I wanted something else, more mature music and less club music, the music you can listen to on your couch and still is relevant.”

The album is Fonkynson’s most personal, and collaborative work to date, and is a good display of artistic and personal growth.

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