Made up of brothers Drew and Dylan Miller, alt-pop duo Cardiac Half returns with an intriguing single & video ‘Clone’ (release date 5/21). Their latest tune features singer/rapper Wande and has an infectious hook with dreamy guitars and a bumping rhythm that seamlessly blend alternative rock and mainstream pop. The video itself could appear on the big screen; complete with CGI effects and a narrative that continues the story from their previous single ‘Medicine’.

“‘Clone’ is our homage to bands like Maroon 5, The 1975, LANY and Twenty One Pilots; we drew inspiration from the greats of our genre without losing ourselves by writing a song that sounded derivative. Our talented guest vocalist Wande adds dimension and weight to the track with her soaring vocals.” – Dylan Miller.

Cardiac Half have succeeded in creating an original cinematic universe that will draw listeners closer to their music, with an eerie, post-apocalyptic version of Earth serving as the setting for their ongoing story.

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