Experimental electro-pop artist Susan was inspired by the unique musings of singer/ songwriter/producer Susan Reby. Susan explores the overpowering feelings of growing up different, documenting their utopian getaway.

The melancholic lyrical woes are transformed into an archive of hope and surreal daydreaming. Sinister electronica loops and guitar riffs encapsulating poetic singing, kaleidoscopic dissonant noises and abstract vocal melodies.

What are four words you would use to describe your music?
Four words I’d use to describe my music are – Bitter, Honest, Dark, Pop hahaha.

How does a song come together for you? What is the songwriting process?
The songwriting process changes every time and completely depends on the circumstances that I’m going through. It can start with an instrumental beat or grow simply from chords on a piano. I just know that lyrics are so important to the track and I want listeners to take away something from every song. I yearn for meaning and often find that most of the songs I write are based in bitterness, but this isn’t such a bad thing I don’t think haha. Bitterness isn’t negative, is something that everyone feels and should grow with. Also, before going into the studio, I work as hard as possible writing lyrics and accumulating words and phrases from books and everyday life.

What was the first album/CD you ever bought?
I know the first album I ever bought was Gwen Stefani – Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Which isn’t too bad of a first choice but I remember the first one I gained inspiration from was True Romance – Charli XCX.

What album do you know every word to?
Funnily enough, I only know a couple of albums back to front and these are Charli XCX – True Romance and Emeli Sande – Our version of events. I managed to convince my family to play them in the car, so I could learn every single lyric haha.

Share some advice for other bands/artists creating original music?
I think my advice would be: To be as true as possible. And I know how cringe that sounds haha, but it is so essential to writing what you feel, its therapy and I think writing your thoughts and feelings can help more than you know. Also, take good press pics haha.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?
The most memorable response to my music is playing at Nottingham Contemporary for the closing show of the exhibition: Still, I Rise. It was such a lovely event at such a sick venue. You could feel the love in the room and it was such a blessing to play.

If you could create your own radio show, what kind of music would you feature and why?

Oh my god, my radio show would be eclectic, to say the least. I would wanna play every genre of music as long as it makes me feel something! You have to play the oldies but goldies and you have to play the freshest of songs. I think I would definitely play up and coming artists – because of thats what is so important.

Tell us about your upcoming releases?
I have a six-month-long project titled “suepreme” coming out each month. It drops on the first Thursday of every month with merchandise and visual release. The latest single is a track called “wild time” and it was produced alongside James Casperr. The video is directed by Rory Jim Chapman and it’s looking so so sick if I do say so myself haha.

I wrote and produced on every track and it explores love lost, love found and self-acceptance. I hope people can relate to it and enjoy what it has to offer. Its suepreme season luv x

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