Image: Nikola Kovačević

Singer Lisabel expresses her love for a special someone in her latest music video titled ‘A Work of Art’. Sound Juicer adds their thoughts on the video, “Lisabel strongly hints at another significant person is in her life with her direct eye contact with the camera, making the video more intimate and personal to her. As well as close-ups capturing her features and body create sexual undertones.”

Lisabel directed the video, and shares, “With this video, I wanted to create an ethereal atmosphere, I wanted to be the only character so that the intimacy of the song would sink in even more. The lyrics talk about a person I fell in with who I see as a work of art but I wanted to depict myself singing this song intimately to the recipient inside a floral frame which highlights the natural and earthy painting or ‘portrait’. In the first chorus, two sets of shadow hands are visible. The idea was to take some lyrics which are written as metaphors (even the shades won’t turn to grey) and represent their real meaning ‘even your flaws or mistakes won’t make me stop loving you), which is why the hands sweetly embrace. Towards the end, I leave the apartment to move to a purer place and state of mind, the outdoors and the sunlight which represents the happy ending.”

The video is bold with Lisabel being emotionally vulnerable, confessing her feelings about her real love in this video and song. There is strength in her vulnerability.

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