Combining organic instrumentation with synthetic beats, ‘INNOCENCE’ announces itself with delicately plucked strings and the confident vocals of Jake Torrey, channelling country/folk energy before making way for a modern electronic breakdown.

“‘INNOCENCE’ is a song about living in the moment and not taking oneself too seriously,” Connor explains. “It serves as a reminder to live life with ‘no ragrets”.”

Diagnosed with a condition known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) at a young age, Connor’s reception of sound was challenged, something he feels has become an asset that sets him apart from other artists. Intrigued by electronic dance music and the intense reaction he experienced at EDM shows, witnessing a live performance from Skrillex ignited his desire to create original, emotional works born from a personal perspective and soundscape.

In 2018 Connor toured with EDM A-lister Jauz for 24 shows in 19 different North American cities before signing to Astralwerks to release ‘ANTHEM’ the following year. A collaboration with Swedish vocalist Bonn, ‘ANTHEM’ has racked up close to 1.5 million streams in the three-and-a-half months since its release.

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