Alt-pop trio has released their latest pick-me-up single titled ‘Somebody’ via Lycio Records. If you are not familiar with Lycio, they have played at the acclaimed Sofar Sounds London, which has hosted some of the world’s biggest musicians in recent years. Their Festival performances include The Big Feastival 2019 and Alternative Escape 2019 (Derivative of The Great Escape festivals). Their latest single is aimed to empower a heart that’s broken from unrequited love.

Genie Mendez tells us, “I actually thought I’d try a different lyrical approach with this song. I’m rarely one to write about romance and our songs are usually entangled with expressions of my own mental health. So to have such a lyrically open chorus where I’m so clearly talking about unrequited love is definitely a first for us. Although I’ve still kept the verses dark and mysterious, this song is definitely about wanting someone so bad but them not quite wanting you back. Then you get this really catchy chorus, and I did want it to be as catchy as a Jess Glynne or Fickle Friends track, ‘cause they’re really good at grabbing the listener like that. So I hope you all enjoy listening to it the way we enjoy performing it.”

‘Somebody’ wants the listener to realize that they will get through this heartache that feels like it will never leave. Mendez’s wholesome vocals and the pounding lively instrumentation create an upbeat atmosphere.

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