Musician Drew Makes Noise has released his video for his single release, ‘Satellite’ which featured in CLASH Magazine. Before becoming a solo act, Drew Makes Noise formed part of the Ed Zealous band. During his time in Ed Zealous, they performed at Glastonbury Festival, the BBC Introducing Stage, and the NEMO Music Showcase and Conference.  The band has supported acts including Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club, and Maximo Park. They have also been supported by CLASH Magazine, and BBC Radio 1 with Phil Taggart. Now as a solo artist, Drew Makes Noise has been supported BBC ATL Introducing’s Gemma Bradley and Aine Cronin-MCartney thus far.

Growing up, Drew Makes Noise was introduced to rock ‘n roll classics, as well as music of the violin and clarinet variety under his father’s guidance. His friends would introduce him to 80’s and 90’s pop, and he would end up developing a love for guitar playing and the work of the band Nirvana. During his upbringing in Castlerock(Ireland), he would compile mix-tapes that included Nirvana and The Pet Shop Boys. Little did he know that he would be creating music of his own one day. His latest video for his song ‘Satellite’, is a DIY video with a Thunderbirds style approach to the filming style. Following the concept of the main character, stuck in a 9-5 job that he evidently hates, and uses his imagination to transport him to intergalactic adventures instead.

 Drew Makes Noise tells us about the process of creating the video: “This was full-on DIY. I disappeared for 4 full months to build a model world for characters and space ships to live in. The bearded character was loosely meant to be me but as time went on I felt like he actually “was” me and I, him and that I was living in a movie within a movie. I was going through my own hero’s journey to do something I have never done before. The scene with the live-action sawing and working in the shed was like method acting, as that’s what my life was like making the video. Life was imitating art and I lost my mind a little. After each scene was filmed I actually did some minor grieving as each time I thought a little person or thing I had created had died and left me. Now I know why actors and directors go crazy!”

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