New York-based duo LION BABE (comprised of singer/songwriter Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman) celebrate the conclusion of their ‘Cosmic Wind’ album’s journey with a three-part video series, including the release of ‘Sexy Please’ official music video on February 17th, ‘Different Planet’ official music video on March 9th, and today (March 31st) the official music video for ‘Cosmic Wind’ official music video to coincide with the album’s one-year anniversary.

These visuals reflect the “mood and feeling of the album. Cosmic Wind is about finding one’s self when faced with inevitable change and these visuals bring those ideas to life. They celebrate the quest to be free and are connected with the nature of life along with natural inclination as humans to be imaginative and visualize a beautiful way to move through the world.”

The album ‘Cosmic Wind’, released last year and following their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Begin’ from 2016, offered to stand out singles ‘Western World’, which pulled inspiration from the Pet Shop Boys timeless song ‘West End Girls’ and featured hip-hop legend Raekwon, and the disco-infused bop ‘The Wave’ featuring Leikeli47. The 15-track Cosmic Wind album is an introspective turn, highlighting the duo’s growth socially, physically, lyrically; musically!

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