The Voodoo bandits have released their official music video for their song ‘Empty Swimming Pool’, the song was released via Superblue Records. Their song premiere was done through the renowned Atwood Magazine and the music video premiered via CLASH Magazine. To date, they have a collective stream rate of 140 000 plays amongst major streaming platforms. Other successes for the band thus far include being featured on Youtube channels like Fancy Melancholic and Sounds New Sounds Good. They made Track of the week for Indie Rocks Manchester, and have been included on Idobi Radio’s “Anthm” playlist, as well as Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands’ Editorial Playlist.

‘Empty Swimming Pool’ was produced by Dave Armstrong (Back Door Slam) and mixed and mastered by Manchester-based producer Jamie McIntyre (The Covasettes and The Flitz). The group originates from the Bee Gees neighborhood, The Isle of Man. Band members include Ben Donaldson (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals), Corey Vaughan (Lead Guitar), Nathan Vaughan (Drums) and Charlotte Wilby (Bass). Some members picked up musical instruments in their early teens, while the bassist picked up the guitar more than a year ago. The band has cited Circa Waves and Hockey Dad as major influences on their music. The music video pairs perfectly with the cheerful energy of the song. The guitar riffs are buoyant, and the energetic drums are electrifying to the ear.

Voodoo Bandits tell us, “We wanted to create a fun, easy-going, video that accompanied the vibe of the song. Expressing our personalities as a band; to us, the song sounds like a skateboard on a half-pipe, if that makes any sense! So we went down to our local indoor skatepark, grabbed some B-roll of ourselves and some skaters, and got jamming! To top it off we used some 90s video cam aesthetics to fit the theme.”

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