Interview with Four-piece pop band Samoaja

Samoaja is a four-piece landscape pop band from Finland which was formed in 2014. Since the release of Rebels From the Womb, the band has been noted several times in the Finnish media (Radio Dei and Bassoradio) The group got recognition in Bassoradio after gaining an art fund from the radio channel’s grant campaign called “NOST€”. They got the aid because of their potential to succeed abroad, and that has started to happen lately.
Their second release, the & The Depressed EP was released with a single and music video for their song ‘Rebels From The Womb’ in 2016. Later on that year the fifth member Samppa joined the band to play bass. This resulted in changing Pentti to play the electric guitar.

What are four words you would use to describe your music

Atmospheric Nordic Landscape Pop

How does a song come together for you? What is the songwriting process?

Imagine that a song is like a human body.

This way it’s easier to explain the process as we see it.
I (Viktori) the singer/songwriter of the band, get an inspiration, do the skeleton and the heart of the song and send it to the rest of the band, or show it during our rehearsal.
Then we discuss our thoughts of each song and decide whether or not we start creating the muscles, organs and skin on top of it.
Each of the songs that eventually end up to be released has been carefully examined and thought of thoroughly. It’s like surgery, where we perfect the song to match the initial feel we got from it.

What was the first album/CD you ever bought?

If I remember correctly, it was Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater. I used to be a proper metalhead.

What album do you know every word to?

The first four albums of Coldplay. They are pure gold.

Share some advice for other bands/artists creating original music?

Search and follow inspiration during the songwriting process. If a song starts to take a route that differs from the original genre or style, don’t be afraid to follow it. Create stuff that you love to create, don’t create any boundaries to yourself.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

“Somehow, in an inexplicable way, it touched my soul. Thank you so much for performing tonight.”

If you could create your own radio show, what kind of music would you feature and why?

It would be a podcast type of show. No music, just discussion with various people from the art scene. The Joe Rogan Experience, or First We Feast type of thing.

If I must choose music for the show, then it would be anything, except most of punk or rap music. The show could be titled “Inspired by randomness”.

Tell us about your upcoming releases?

A new single ‘Their Sons and Daughters’ will be released on the 10th of January.

Our next album Abyss will be out on the 5th of March 2020. We wanted to take a more honest approach to the music and create something that feels good, without thinking of the limitations of genres and such. The result is a nice, colourful piece.

It’s an honest album from a sinner to other sinners. It deals with adultery, semi alcoholism, ill motives, hopelessness, dishonesty, bitterness, unbelief, lust and anxiety, to name a few.
All from the experience and perspective of a Christian man, as myself. Jesus has mercy on me.

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