Ambient-Electro Classical Producer Tom Ashbrook has teamed up with the “Alice In Wonderland of Contemporary music” Ruby Duff for a collaborative effort on his track ‘Not My Love.’ The track is from his newly released EP Sines which hit the airwaves on November 29th.

The EP is centred around the elements; water, air, earth and fire, with Ruby metaphorically making up the fifth element. She recorded the vocal on her phone, sent it to Tom, and the classical producer quickly built it into a full song.

The pair form a fantastic collaborative team. Ashbrook creates a beautiful melody around Duff’s vocals – enhancing them beautifully without drowning them out.

He explains: “‘Sines’ is a collection of pieces all outlining a turning point for myself and how we are all on a path that gets pulled and changed by different emotions and subconscious signs along the way. The relic design helps solidify those emotions and how they can be represented in an actual element or form.”

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