A track unquestionably made-in and intended-for the nocturnal hours, ‘Craving’ is awash with lush, layered and pillowy sonic textures. From its gently glowing synthesizers to Harry Waterhouse’s soothing, soulful vocal and Simon Appleson’s epic, cut-away guitar break; ‘Craving’ recalls everyone from INXS to The 1975 and Frank Ocean, and lays out their stadium-sized ambitions.

Inspired by the whirlwind of emotions that arise from moving away from home and your loved ones, the tracks see Waterhouse wistfully reflecting on the emotional upheavals, while embracing the changes that inevitably come in its wake.

The bare bones of ‘Craving’ first began to take shape as the band were tinkering with a stripped-back version of their previous single ‘I Think About You Every Night’. Between these late-night sessions and addictive listening to Frank Ocean’sPink and White’ during their breaks, the band was inspired to play around timings and take a new outlook to what they had been working on. Absorbing a new mood, tone, and feel of its own, something new and inspired soon emerged in the form of the atmospheric new single: ‘Craving’.

Speaking about the recording process of the new track, frontman Harry Waterhouse says: “‘Craving’ was recorded in two locations. The drums were recorded at The Nave with Andy Hawkins and then with Ollie Brierley in our own flat. We wanted to change-up our approach with this track, it feels close to home so this just made sense to us. The song was also written in our flat earlier in the year around February, the nights close-in early and ‘Craving‘ was founded in the ashes of this.”

Craving’ was produced by Andy Hawkins and Ollie Brierley, and will be released on the CLOSEUP label (the label venture between Modern Sky UK and London promoters Close-Up).

The new single follows the band’s previous single for the label, ‘I’ve Been Missing You’ – a track that impressively stacked up over 100K streams in under 3 months. With support for the band from the likes of Huw Stephens at Radio 1 and Shell Zenner at Amazing Radio, ‘Craving’ will be the latest addition to the rapidly received and quickly expanding Victors catalogue, which has already seen them garner over 7.6million streams across Spotify and Apple Music.

With an army of fans in eager anticipation of their every new release, Victors will mark the release of ‘Craving’ with a handful of live shows across the UK.

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