‘Dark Corner’, is singer-songwriter, producer, and filmmaker omyügen’s newest single, released on 3 November via his independent label with an accompanying music video. In 2016 Michael X. Schallert rebranded from his previous alias Juse, to incorporate his vocals as omyügen. Blending drawn-out rap hooks with laid-back electronic beats and delicate keys. Sponsored in the past by the Wyoming Art Council, omyügen has produced music for rap artist Gunnr and featured on UKTalk Radio’s top 10 charts for February 2022. Mixed by Sean Dorrian, who worked on a #1 hit with Breaking Benjamin, and mastered by Chris Athens, (Drake, Kodak Black, Hollywood Undead, and Joji) the newly released single ‘Dark Corner’ brings to mind the glitched-out beats of chill-hop meets emo-rap in delivery and tone. The new track premiered with early support from EARMILK

“My song, ‘Dark Corner’, is about the life of an introvert with anxiety […]. I wrote the song when I was back home from college for the summer. It’s my first ever song to get professionally mixed and mastered, so that’s kinda cool.” said omyügen on his new release.

Walk us through your creative process?

I feel like the creative process varies for me. I’ll get ideas at the most random times, so most of the time there’s no preparation or anything. I find inspiration literally everywhere. Whether it’s from conversations, playing the piano, making beats, or walking around town. Once I have a solid song concept, I start by either getting a rough draft of the instrumental or [I] create a beat from scratch if I got the idea before opening my DAW. Next, I freestyle the chorus without lyrics, to find the exact vibe I want to go for. Then, I either write new lyrics or use lyrics I’ve already written. After writing the chorus, I record it and repeat this process for the intro, verses, etc. Once the core elements are in place, I move on to final structuring, mixing, and mastering. If it’s a [release] I like to make content for it, which is a completely different process. 

What has been the most defining moment of your musical career? 

That’s a hard question to answer […] many different moments have defined my career, but one time that sticks out the most was back when I was hanging out with my friends Elijah and Michael every day. For months straight, we would all hang out […] and just freestyle from like 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. every night. Elijah is the best freestyler I know and back then I was horrible, so hanging out with him really helped me build the confidence and skill to actually make a song instead of just beats. 

What equipment or software are you using the most?

I use Ableton Live to create. I’ve been using it since I first started making music!

Who are your biggest inspirations at the moment?

King Krule is my biggest inspiration at this moment, musically. I never really knew of him until recently and once I discovered him, I fell in love with his sound. I look up to his creativity. I also really look up to Rick Rubin & Cole Bennett for their creative eye.

What’s your favourite way to pass the time? Any hobbies?

My favorite way to pass the time is exploring. I go on walks quite often and when I can, I go to the mountains to hike. Aside from exploring new places some of my hobbies include; playing pool, playing the piano, recording short films/random videos, thinking about life, and listening to music! 

What’s next for you as an artist?

I plan on dropping one more song this year. After that, I may or may not start 2024 off with an EP!

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